Earlier Iguodala and Barnes have

Earlier Iguodala and Barnes have said they would like to match the Clippers in this round, because the lack of nightlife in Salt Lake City. Curry said they came to Salt Lake City just a business trip Joonas Korpisalo Jerseys, Thompson said he did not understand the culture, from which they could seem to see that they did not care whether there was a rich nightlife, but, but, but from today's game Look, they are really happy in Salt Lake City!In the 2014 NBA Draft, Capella was selected by the Rockets in the first round of the 25th round, Capella was born in Geneva Jack Skille Jerseys, Switzerland, before joining the NBA, he played in the French league. Capella began to like football and skiing, which for his basketball technology also brought no small help Ryan Johansen Jerseys. In this regard, Capella and the rocket legend Arachu Wang somewhat similar, Olajuwon grew up in Nigeria.From the 2014-15 season knight three giants began to cooperate, Knight in 10 series 5 times swept the opponent. If they can sweep the Raptors tomorrow, it will be their third time in three years swept the opponent. According to statistics, the Lakers in 1987-89 to achieve six sweep, but three of the series is five games three wins system. In seven games four wins system Zachary Werenski Jerseys, before no one team in three years time 6 times swept the opponent.

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In the regular season

This year's playoffs, Cole early truce, Brown took over the pointer immediately. At that time someone questioned, Cole's absence William Karlsson Jerseys, will become the Warriors X factor Corey Tropp Jerseys, Mike - Brown is too weak, I am afraid can not pick up the team. But the real situation is that the playoffs so far Scott Hartnell Jerseys, the Warriors have won seven games, these seven games, they almost did not give opponents any chance.In the regular season, the Rockets played with the Spurs four times Michael Paliotta Jerseys, the first win in the case of losing three games. In this series, the rocket is the first to catch people, but after losing streak. If you lose, the Rockets total score will be 1-3 behind, they probably do not have the opportunity to play back to Houston this season.Knight will travel to Toronto, with the Raptors for the fourth game. In the first three war contest, the knight has the king of the north into the "little dragon", the total score of 3-0 lead. Three games to win the opponent 54 points, the advantage is very obvious. By then, Tencent sports video broadcast the game.

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